So, what is a SlapKooler?

We were actually wondering that too...

Whether you call ’em ‘slap koozies‘, ‘slap wraps‘, ‘stubby holders‘ or ‘slap coolies‘, you are probably referencing the ubiquitous beverage holder. ‘Huggies’ have been referenced ever since 1921 when Dave and his brother Russell Duncan patented the ‘kozy’ for portable gas generators. Then someone realized you could do the same with hot and cold beverages.
Skip forward a few years to about 1980, when some enterprising people decided that American beer should be served cold and protected from heat, and can coolers were invented to satisfy a gap in the lexicon of American pop culture for this particularly useful item. Whether you called them koozies or koozy, or whether you spelled it with a ‘C’, as in Coozie, know that you, were in a fraternity of cold beverage lovers everywhere.

Around the same time in human history, a monumental shift in cultural and political winds brought our society into the period known as ‘The 80’s’. During this period of excess (or was it INXS?), Alf, & knowing what Willis was ‘talkin bout’, a new form of awesome was gifted to the world as the ‘slap bracelet’.

Then one day, the genesis of 80’s pop culture and Depression-era efficiency joined forces to create the SlapKoolerTM slap wrap. Fashioned from state-of-the-art 4mm Neoprene insulator core, these slap wraps feature parallel metal inserts, that when bent, wrap around your 12, 16 or 22 oz bottle becoming the ultimate icy insulator!

Rubber backing ensures your booze-bandage fits snug at all times on almost any can, bottle, friend or stranger.

Dress up your drink! Give your booze a cooz! Bend your new friend!

The SlapKooler promotes fun and functionality while giving you a unique conversation starter!

How to use a SlapKoolerTM:

  • Start from a standing or seated position, knees bent, SlapKooler in your throwing hand, can in your catching hand. Take a few practice swings and get comfortable with the grip. This is important. Now, WHEN YOU ARE READY, proceed to ‘slap’ your kooler on your beverage.
  • Note the instant kinetic energy release as your SlapKooler gracefully attacks your beverage just as it’s appeal wraps itself around your heart.
  • Yell “Koozie Slap!” and quickly notify all your friends of your new beer bow-tie!
  • Enjoy your cold drink and warm hands.
  • Practice with arms, legs and new friends. Play nice as they do make a worthy slap toy!

The Great Things You Get By Buying From

  • Durable long lasting and professionally constructed neoprene core product overlaid with durable polyester fabric.
  • No-slip smooth or treaded backing creates an adjustable and snug grip on your beverage for maximum insulation.
  • Safe for kids and they sure do love them!
  • Reliable delivery. Most custom orders ship within 10 days.

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the sizes and material used?

  • The SlapKoolerTM is 3′ by 9′, which is a perfect fit around any standard dimension aluminum can.
  • The SlapKoolerTM is made of 1/4′ inch thick Neoprene insulator, finished by a custom polyester fabric, great for customization by full-dye sublimination.

These amazing SlapKoolers also slap and wrap around almost any 16 oz to 22 oz. beverages, and really any bottle of comparable dimension, so get creative!

Can I custom order the SlapKoolerTM or personalize them?

  • Absolutely! Check out our bulk store for more info on customization. Minimum quantities start at 100 with pricing breaks at 250, 500 and 1000+.
  • Please expect 10-14 days turnaround after artwork & quote approval.
  • They will be sent via UPS in the USA and are available to be shipped worldwide.

How does my shipping work?

We offer LIVE UPS SHIPPING RATES on bulk orders and free shipping on pre-printed slap koozie orders over $20. Ordering is easy! Just add your desired products to the cart, then add your zip code to calculate instant UPS shipping quotes.

Should I use the SlapKooler for personal defense purposes?

No. Your koozie is not a weapon. Please don’t hurt people with it.

No, but seriously...

Your SlapKoolers can be used for anything ~ Social functions, reunions, recruiting, business / event promotion or anywhere you can benefit from having a unique conversation starter. They are also the perfect 80’s throwback item updated for a modern function.

The possibilities are limitless and your logo, business advertisement, or statements can be presented in a fun way to promote interaction between your customers or guests. Your guests be thrilled to wear your logo on their wrists and beverages.

Check out our online SlapKooler store and get in on the fun today!

We are not related to, endorsed by or affiliated with ‘The Original KoozieTM’. Our unique product should not be confused with The Original KoozieTM, and all related marketing, messaging and promotional aspects of this product relate only to a slap-on style can insulator.