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Blank Slap Wrap Can Koolers at Wholesale Pricing

Great Online Promotions is your supplier-direct resource for the slap wrap insulated can coolers. features the original Slap Wrap-n-Go can cooler with minimum quantities of only 100 pieces. If you are a independent printer, graphic design firm, or otherwise just want to create your own prints, the blank slap wrap can coolers are perfect for you.

Perfect for high visibility memorable marketing of your business, brand or event! An amazing synergy between 80's style slap bracelets and beverage insulators!

The SlapKooler is a one-of-a-kind promotional product that will elevate your business or brand to a new level! Watch the grins go from ear-to-ear as your customers and clients light up with delight when they first try a SlapKooler!

We ONLY offer quality constructed SlapKoolers that are made right here in USA (Texas-made!), meaning you will only receive the best constructed slap wraps money can buy! These slap wraps were patented up until 2018, so while imitations are everywhere, make no mistake, we sell the original slap wrap-n-go.

We Can Professionally Print Your Designs!

If you are looking for a design printed on the SlapKooler, please see our 1-color SlapKooler page here, or for full-color designs, please visit our multi-color SlapKooler page here!

Available Colors

 See the available color swatch to determine the colors you'd prefer.

What you get when you buy SlapKoolers from us:

  • ROUNDED edge design!
  • 1/4' thick core neoprene insulator
  • Rubberized backing for tight no-slip grip
  • Dyed polyester fabric
  • 16 different fabric colors
  • Award-winning service team
  • Patented and tested product
  • A product that is safe for kids
Our hassle-free, upfront-pricing approach to selling blank slap wraps has proven to be the one-stop shop for your slap kooler marketing needs!

All of our products are retail-ready and ship via Ground Shipping from Texas for quick fulfillment.

Let us show you how we can make your promotional event or business stand out among the crowd with the innovative and unique slap wrap can cooler!

Note: Once the product is delivered, the blanks cannot be returned since we are printing the specific fabric color that we can't reuse, so please be comfortable in your screenprinting, sublimating, or other decorating approach before ordering. If you are hesitant, order a smaller volume so you can test and then determine what approach works for you. If needed, we are happy to print your designs on the fabric since we do this BEFORE attaching it to the wrap, which prevents heat from separating the glue from the wrap. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Slap Koozies

I can’t say enough about the amazing customer service. The product is equally as great. They sent me a test sample so I could see if my vinyl would adhere to it and I’ve gotten great feedback on the look and quality


Great product!

Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith

Very impressed everything was just like I was hoping it would be.. They even let me order 2 colors instead of just 1 color.

Chris W
Chris W

I ordered some blank slap koozies and they fall apart on every heat press setting i have tried. Customer support is non existent and they refuse to answer any of my emails. I cannot recommend this product to any designers or DIY sublimation printers. Ive been printing koozies for years and these are by far the worst, which is a shame because i was banking on these being a huge product for myself.

Jenn M.
Jenn M.

Great customer service, fast order/delivery, and exceptional product! Exactly what I was looking for and will be ordering more asap!

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