5 Reasons Why Slap Koozies Are a Superior Koozie

Since their invention in the 70s, Koozies have become an integral part of everyday life. They help keep drinks cold by insulating them and preventing moisture (latent heat) from accumulating outside beverage containers. So, if you are looking for a simple, stylish, and convenient way to hold your drink cans and bottles when you are walking around or just relaxing outdoors, a slap koozie is a good option.

But why are slap koozies so important? Here are five main reasons why a slap koozie is a superior koozie.

What Is a Slap Koozie?

Also known as the stubby holder or cozy beer holder, a slap koozie is a slap cover designed to hold your beverage cans and bottles. It also helps to keep your drinks cold, especially when they are exposed to warm air or sunlight. A koozie reduces the rate your glass warms up in the sun by about 50 percent. Apart from that, it will help you identify your drink from someone else’s. Also, businesses use it for branding purposes.

This cover is usually slid or slapped onto the bottle or just like the traditional slap wrap band. Since their inception in the 1970s, koozies have significantly evolved in elegance and material. Currently, you will find slap koozies made of leather, EVA, vinyl, neoprene, foam, or fabric materials. Each of these materials has its unique benefits and setbacks.

Five Reasons Why You Should Choose Slap Koozies

Studies show that slap koozies are among the most popular koozies on the market today. But why are they considered superior to other koozies? Here are the main reasons.


Slap koozies are highly durable and professionally built to withstand continuous handling. Most of these slap covers are made of a neoprene core coated with tough polyester fabric to help them fight all harsh elements.

Non-Slip Grip

Since you will be holding your beer can or bottle for extended periods, you have to choose a koozie that offers a firm, non-slip grip. Thankfully, slap koozies have both smooth and treaded backs that snugly fit in your hand for maximum grip and insulation.


One of the parents' main concerns about slap koozies is whether they are safe for kids. Fortunately, these koozies don’t have sharp edges that injure your kids, and therefore, they are safe for your kids. They are also fun and useful toys designed for everyday application.

Easy to Design

Unlike other koozies, slap koozies are easy to design, and also, they are easy to customize to match your needs. Therefore, you can expect to have your custom order delivered in the shortest time possible.


Slap koozies are lustrous neoprene drawstring cans and bottle covers designed to stand out from the crowd. They feature multiple glossy colors and unique designs that will catch everyone’s attention. Furthermore, you can order a personalized koozie to match your preferences.