Top 10 Reasons We Love Slap Koozies

Slap koozies have become very popular due to their ability to keep drinks cool even when you are enjoying your favorite drink outdoors in the sun. These koozies are slap wrap and go beverage insulators that you can slap on your bottle or can. There are numerous benefits of using slap koozies.

Why People Love Slap Koozies

Try a slap koozie if you are looking for simple ways to keep your drinks cool. Here are the reasons why slap koozies are so popular.


Unlike other koozies, a slap koozie can be customized to suit your taste and preference. You will be allowed to choose your preferred colors, designs, and patterns, especially if you want to use the koozie to make a statement.

Wide Range of Sizes and Shapes

Slap koozies come in various shapes and sizes to match different routines. This type of assortment is essential because different beer cans and bottles come in different shapes and sizes.


Although these koozies were originally meant to insulate drinks, they have become great branding tools. You can slap it on your arm or leg, especially if you are an athlete. You just need to provide the designers with your preferred background image (in vector) and your overlay logo so that they can design a unique branding asset for you.

Great Design Service

Slap koozies are designed by experienced and creative designers who understand the most critical aspects of a koozie. Plus, they will involve you in every step of the production process to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

High-Quality Material

Slap koozies are made with high-quality materials, such as polyester fabric, neoprene, leather, among others. These materials are meant to offer you maximum durability.

Non-Slip Back

Slap koozies come with 4mm thick neoprene material with a long-lasting non-slip treaded backing to keep your drink safe.


A slap koozie is highly versatile because it can be used in creative ways, such as wrist and ankle warmer, wedding gifts, branding for bars and breweries, etc.

Safe for Kids

Slap koozies also feature a soft surface with no sharp edges, apart from the treaded back that gives you a non-slip grip, making them safe for kids.

Cold Drinks

These slap wraps help keep your drinks cold until you swallow the last drop. They don’t sweat or absorb external heat.

Gift for Men

If you are looking for a thoughtful gift for your husband or dad, a slap koozie is a perfect idea. He will be happy to show it off at the next BBQ.