Magnetic Koozies Are Perfect for Golf Promotions, Here's Why

Whether you are a professional golfer or an amateur just having fun on the greens, you will need to carry a few beverages to keep you cool and refreshed throughout the game. But does this mean you have to take an extra load of a golf cooler bag to keep your beverages cool? Not. You just need to have a magnetic koozie to keep your drinks cool.

Apart from insulating your drinks, this magnetic wrap is a promotional product. Here are the main reasons you should use a magnetic koozie as a promotional tool on the golf course.

Easy to Work with

Unlike other koozies, a magnetic koozie attaches to the frame of your golf cart, making it easy for you to carry it around. Holding your drink with your hands throughout the game is not only tiresome but very unconvincing. It means that you have to put your drink on the ground to strike the ball or place it in your bag, where it’s likely to spill and stain the bag and other essential items. When you place it in the bag, nobody will see the promotional message.

But with a magnetic koozie, you just need to attach it to your riding cart, where it’s easy and quick to access. This also means that it will be viewed by fellow golfers and spectators, thus allowing your promotional message to reach the largest target audience. Many golfers love convenience, especially since they walk around expansive golf courses. Therefore, they can afford to carry the extra load.

A magnetic koozie reduces the stress of holding their drinks in their hands as they walk or drive around the golf course. They just need to attach their glasses to their carts where everyone on the golf course can see your brand’s logo.

Quality Construction

A magnetic koozie is made with high-quality polyester and neoprene materials that can withstand all kinds of harsh elements. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about excess heat or moisture on the golf course. It also means that your logo and other promotional messages on the koozie will remain intact. Since this koozie is highly durable, golfers will have it around for many years, thereby keeping your brand visible for a long time.

Also, these koozies feature a strong magnet that can hold an entire can or bottle so that the golfer doesn’t have to worry about the safety of their beverage. It also fits on the bottle and can snugly keep your drink intact.