Zipper Koozies: Premium Promotion on a Budget

Enjoying a cold, refreshing drink on a sunny day is one of life’s great pleasures, except when you don’t have a simple way to keep your drinks cool when traveling or relaxing outdoors. Fortunately, you can now use a koozie to insulate your drinks and keep them cool. A zipper koozie is one of the most common types of koozies on the market right now. This article looks at the benefits of using zipper koozies.

What is a Zipper Koozie?

Also known as a stubby holder, a koozie is a fabric or foam sleeve designed to fit onto a can or bottle for purposes of keeping the drink cool. Therefore, a zipper koozie is simply a stubby holder with a zip. Zipper koozies are very popular because they fully encase the drink container, keeping the drink cool. Unlike other koozies, the zipper option is designed to cover the entire beer bottle or can when you fasten the zip. Therefore, your drink won’t be exposed to external heat.

Zipper Koozies for Promotion

One of the reasons why zipper koozies are great for promotion is that they are designed to fit snugly on different types of containers. This koozie will perfectly hug drink containers of every shape and style with a zipper. For this reason, zipper koozies are the preferred choice for many people. Therefore, you are assured that your brand will get the desired visibility when you use a zipper koozie for promotion purposes.

Since zipper koozies are designed to fit different container shapes and styles, they allow you to be creative when customizing your branded koozies. They allow you to customize your koozies so that they match your brand. Unlike a slap koozie, which is designed to wrap around the container, a zipper koozie can take different shapes and designs to suit the user’s preferences.

A zipper koozie comes with a convenient front zipper to enable you to slide the sleeve on and off from your bottles. Their convenience lets many people carry them around, giving your brand maximum exposure. Furthermore, zipper koozies are suitable for all occasions.

Whether you are attending a wedding, graduation ceremony, sporting event, bachelorette, fishing, camping, picnic, or a birthday party, a zipper koozie will help you keep your drink cool while making you appear fashionable. So, if you are using this type of koozie to market your brand, you are assured that your brand’s presence will be felt in every event.