Contrasty Colors Keep Your Message Front and Center

As you design your logo and other promotional messages for your brand awareness campaigns through slap koozies, you need to pay close attention to the colors you use. Before someone even analyzes your logo and your business name, they will try to decipher everything about your brand based on the colors you’ve chosen. This article takes a closer look at the effects of contrasty colors on your branding.

Choosing the Best Color Contrast for Your Branded Koozies

Elegant colors grab people’s attention and encourage them to try your brand. They also motivate the user to keep your branded koozie for a long time, thus promoting your brand wherever they go. If you choose the wrong colors for your promotional koozies, most people will throw them away after the event because they don’t match their preferences.

A wrong color contrast will also obscure your marketing message, rendering the whole brand awareness campaign ineffective. So, if you are not a professional designer or don’t know how to mix the colors, seek help from a professional designer. The colors you choose for your koozies will determine how your campaign message appears to your target audience.

When choosing your color scheme, consider the type of materials that the koozies are made of. Thankfully, most slap koozies are made of neoprene and polyester fabrics that allow for various colors. Since koozies are intended for long-term use, you should choose a color scheme that will appeal to many people. There’s a wide range of contrasty colors that you can choose for your koozies. But make sure that the color scheme you select matches the event you intend to distribute your branded koozies.

Choose a color scheme that will help you make a significant design statement while keeping your marketing message visible. Make your koozie eye-catching and ensure it blends in with the rest of the event's design by carefully selecting and analyzing the overall color scheme. Please note that the primary background color should be dominant, and the colors of the text and images should stand in contrast to it. This contrast makes the printed message more visible.

Remember that lighter colors, such as blue, pink, and yellow appeal more to women than men. Therefore, go for darker colors if you’re targeting men with your branded koozies. If you can’t find a universal color scheme that appeals to both men and women, you just have to create two different designs.