Neoprene Koozies for Branding Instead of Foam

For many years, koozies have helped people insulate their beverage containers to keep their drinks cold when away from a fridge and ice buckets. Also referred to as a stubby holder, a koozie is a sleeve wrapped around the beverage container to prevent the drink from absorbing external heat. This sleeve can be made with various materials, including neoprene and foam. This article looks at the importance of using neoprene koozies for your branding instead of foam.

Neoprene Koozies

A perfect example of how great neoprene koozies are concerning insulation is a wetsuit. Made from tough neoprene fabric, a wetsuit keeps you warm in wet and cold weather. The same material is used to make neoprene koozies. Therefore, you should expect your stubby neoprene holder to offer you the same amount of insulation. However, the primary purpose of using a koozie is to keep your beverages cool.

Nobody wants to spend their hard-earned money on a koozie that won’t keep their drinks cool. This means that more people will choose neoprene koozies over other materials such as foam because they guarantee them satisfaction. So, if you want a type of koozie that will positively impact your branding projects, a neoprene koozie is the ideal choice.

Neoprene fabric is a synthetic material obtained from closed-cell rubber-based products. Although it’s not foam, neoprene features a foam-like texture for a firm, non-slip grip. This texture also enables you to hold your ice-cold drink comfortably without making your hands wet. This material is also known for its flexibility and toughness, and it has a significant amount of elasticity to it. Therefore, your branded neoprene koozies will last longer than foam koozies, making your brand visible for a long time.

Their elasticity means they can stretch to fit snugly around containers of different sizes and shapes. This aspect of neoprene koozies is particularly important when using them for brand promotion because it means they can be used on a wide variety of bottles and cans.

Foam Koozies

Foam koozies are usually made from polyurethane foam, which is lighter and less durable than neoprene. They are also thinner than their neoprene counterparts. Therefore, they won’t keep your drink cool for a long time. Although foam koozies are inexpensive, they lack the elasticity and flexibility of neoprene. So, they can’t fit containers of different sizes and shapes. In summary, neoprene koozies are better insulators and last longer than foam koozies.