5 Ideas for Promotional Slap Koozies

If you are planning to launch a marketing campaign for your brand, you need to consider giving out promotional products that can quickly grab the attention of your target customers without breaking the bank. One such item is a slap koozie. This sleeve is designed to wrap around a beverage container to keep the drink cool. Also known as a stubby holder, a koozie has proved to be a perfect drink insulator when you are away from the fridge or ice bucket.

Apart from keeping your drinks cool, a koozie is a great marketing item if you know how to use it properly for branding. Here are the top 5 ideas for promotional slap koozies.


Everyone appreciates gifts, especially if they are thoughtful. A personalized koozie is one of the most thoughtful freebies you can reward your loyal customers, and it shows that you care about their well-being. Fortunately, a koozie is not one of those useless gifts that your customers will throw away almost immediately because they don’t need them anymore. As long as they want to enjoy cold drinks when away from the fridge, they’ll use the koozie, thus promoting your brand.

Outdoor/Sporting Events

Outdoor events like music concerts, fairs, beach parties, sporting events, golf tournaments, etc., are perfect places to give out your branded koozies. You will find crowds lining up to buy bottled or canned drinks in such events. So, everyone will be happy to have a well-designed koozie to keep their drink cool. As they enjoy their drinks, they will be promoting your brand. Furthermore, many people will keep their koozies for future use, which means that they will continue to market your brand many days after the event.

Direct Mail

When sending direct mail, it’s essential to make it a little bulky because it stands out. A branded koozie is a perfect way to make your direct mails cumbersome because they’ll increase the envelope’s bulk to just the right amount. Furthermore, koozies are lightweight and can fold flat for direct mailing.


If you are attending a picnic, don’t forget to hand out a few branded koozies to the people you meet for marketing purposes. The attendees will be promoting your brand as they enjoy their drinks.

Trade Shows

Trade shows and exhibitions are perfect spots for giving out branded koozies. You can hand them out to guests as they arrive. Once the guests have your branded koozies, they’ll keep them for future use.